Connecting Communities with the Heroes that Serve Them

We connect local heroes to businesses in need.

For more than 15 years, The Athos Group has been a trusted provider of off duty law enforcement security. In 2020, Athos evolved from its service roots to become a holding company and a national leader in off duty- and extra duty-related services provided by local law enforcement agencies and their officers.

Athos invests in businesses focused on addressing the needs of off duty professionals in the public safety industry. Our mission is to consolidate and lead the market for off duty public safety professionals via the deepest portfolio of solutions covering all major market segments.

Through our RollKall platform, law enforcement agencies can leverage cutting-edge technology to manage and oversee their off duty programs. In addition, organizations can turn to Summit, a single source to help them work with law enforcement partners.

Our technology and services connect local frontline heroes with the organizations that need them, from the smallest local businesses to the largest national enterprises. We make the entire process of finding, hiring, scheduling, and paying off duty professionals highly efficient and transparent for all.

Athos Group companies

With our unmatched industry expertise and network of local heroes, we revolutionize technology and exceed service expectations to protect our communities.


RollKall partners with law enforcement agencies to make it easy for them to coordinate and manage every facet of off duty staffing, from hiring to payment. As the law enforcement industry’s only comprehensive off duty solution, RollKall brings transparency to off duty security by connecting every stakeholder in the process — businesses, officers, agencies, coordinators, and the communities they serve.

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Summit Off Duty Services

Summit is renowned for organizing and managing highly specialized and customized security programs, with an unwavering commitment to premier service, innovative technology, and unmatched industry expertise.

Summit law enforcement and security professionals focus on improving client service through technical innovation and strategic partnerships. Enhancing their service capabilities with RollKall’s leading technology, the Summit team is able to leverage innovative, first-in-industry applications to ensure clients have consistent efficiency, comprehensive oversight, and detailed audit trails in order to achieve the highest level of program success.

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Athos Leadership

Chris White
Chief Executive Officer
Board Member / Founder
President, RollKall
Ben Poch
Board Member / Founder
Kelly Jo (KJ) Wagner
Chief Human Resources Officer
Andy Zacharias
Board Member
Partner at LKCM Headwater
Dan Downes
Board Member
Principal at LKCM Management
Joe Dwyer
Board Member
Founding Partner Manifold Group
David May
Board Member
VP, LKCM Headwater
Bob Youakim
Board Member
Founder & Chairman of Passport

Advisory Board

Mark Moon
Chairman – Advisory Board
Fmr President of Motorola
Ed Davis
Advisory Board Member
CEO Edward Davis Company
Fmr Boston Police Commissioner
Josh Isner
Advisory Board Member
Chief Revenue Officer, President Axon
Stephen Goldsmith
Advisory Board Member
Professor of Urban Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Jorge Colina
Advisory Board Member, Retired Chief of Police, Miami


2006 - 2016
For more than 10 years, Innovative Surveillance Solutions (ISS) was an oil & gas service provider specializing in safety, security, and investigations. As our business grew, we began to focus on what we did better than anyone else: providing off duty law officers to serve our clients’ needs.
2016 - 2020
ISS became Athos Group to represent our focused service in the off duty law enforcement security industry. Athos quickly became a leader in managing services and requests of clients seeking the assistance of local off duty peace officers.
Athos underwent a deliberate, strategic transformation through several key acquisitions to become a tech innovator and market maker with a mission of connecting public servants with companies in the communities they serve.

A note from our CEO

The Athos Group and our family of law enforcement “extra-duty” companies exist to serve “Peace Officers” and the communities they are sworn to represent. We help provide clarity, transparency, and accountability to the services and programs defined by their licensing agencies and requested by members of their communities. Right now, law enforcement agencies across America are having deep, honest conversations with their constituents to find ways to increase community awareness and communication with their departments. They are looking for ways to provide visibility into their officers’ activities and to find opportunities to gain trust with those in their care. That is Athos. That is what we do. Whether through RollKall’s unique and exceptional platform for managing extra-duty requests, or Summit’s industry-leading customer service operations, we are helping provide a new and improved way for communities to interact with their “Peace Officers”.

Through our work, we are helping define new standards and expectations for the off-duty and extra-duty law enforcement security industry—a measure I believe will be embraced and accepted by the honorable men and women that pin their badge on every day and try to be the public servants we need them to be.

Chris White CEO and Founder of Athos Group LLC
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Dedicated to growth and legacy

At Athos Group, we invest in communities. We do this by targeting ideas and value systems consistent with those that inspire our company vision.

We partner with the most successful entrepreneurs in public safety. Their unique ideas, strong management teams, and demonstrated ability help us achieve our strategic goal of maximum long-term return, as we strive to better the communities we serve.

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